from whole to half and back

This is an ongoing exploration of my identity as a Greek and a North American WASP.  As a result of my dual nationality and experiences, I sometimes feel like a ‘stranger in a strange land’, with unsurprisingly mixed results and effects.

Despite globalization and the homogenization of Western culture, there are still things belonging to one or the other of my ‘homelands’ that don’t exist or don’t translate well into the other one. Like many people of mixed backgrounds and experiences, I have spent a great deal of time comparing and contrasting, criticizing, glorifying and creating, in my mind, a utopia that combines the best of both worlds.

Since there are no utopias, I need to merge my two halves and stop the endless inner conflicts. I am ‘very Greek’ in some ways and ‘very North American’ in others. Photography helps me explore these identities and it allows me to appreciate certain aspects of each that I have trouble seeing when I am in one or the other place.